Apache Web Server – A Superior Software Solution in Every Way

When it comes to any web server, it is important to realize that their main function is to run a website. Any website has to use one of those and they are delegated with the task of providing webpages to an Internet browser that is used by the visitor. This process can seem complicated and demanding, mainly because it often is. This is also the reason why any web server needs to be reliable and stable, even in the most demanding circumstances.

In the entire field of servers which are used to host websites, Apache web server represents the most widely used solution. Made by The Apache Software Foundation, this software provides support to more than half of all websites on the Internet. At the same time, new users continue to put their trust into the same platforms and for good reason. It provides many benefits to its users and continues to evolve so that these benefits grow both in terms of quality and quantity. Here are the main advantages of using Apache as web server software.

A Wide Variety of Functions

Apache provides its users with many functions which are all very handy when it comes to running any type of modern website. The selection of these functions continues to be expanded with every new version, which further increases the software’s ability to keep up with new demands of the users. With ever changing needs of Internet users and with them the websites they visit, this abundance of function can be much appreciated.

Simple Management

Shawn Champion, a professional web designer in Vancouver (www.hurricanewebdesign.com) says “Unlike other web server software packages, the management process often ends up being very convoluted and hard to master. With Apache, all settings options are very easy to handle and manage, being that its settings documents are also exceedingly accessible for changes.”

The time-saving factor of learning to use Apache is practically reason enough to make it the web server of choice for any beginner.

High Level of User Customization

Apache uses a full modular structure, which aids any user in making their ideal working setup. With the modular approach, administrators can mold any Apache server to their exact needs, without losing any functionality in the process. Other solutions simply force their mode of operation on the users, while Apache allows them to be customized to user desired parameters.


Every Apache server is blessed by very effective working parameters. This means that this software is quick and slim, while at the same time it do not use many program resources or assets. By being made with performance optimization in mind, this level of effectiveness is maintained in every new generation of the software.

Operating System Flexibility

Software solutions like Windows servers demand an exact operating system to be run from. Apache, on the other hand, can be used on UNIX, Windows, MacOS or a number of other operating system platforms. This is especially useful for large organizations that use and operate many computers coming from different brands and using different software platforms. Instead of making this an issue, Apache resolves any potential compatibility problem by being able to run on almost anything.

With all these advantages, it is clear why Apache is the number one web server software solution on the planet. Thanks to its maker’s approach to Apache’s further development, there is no doubt that it will remain very popular.