How to Keep Your Server Room Cool

Professionals in the computer business are used to dealing with many challenges associated with cooling serves and other computing equipment. And even many experienced experts in the field face challenges. That said, server room cooling is a never-ending battle. As technology continues to observe Moore’s law and both processing power and energy draw increase, there are needs to find new ways to confound your server room’s environmental systems.

All Server Rooms Need Cooling

Even server rooms that are not maximally used face issues. For example, as many small businesses have become more reliant on computers, they have been forced to recognize the importance of keeping their server rooms cool. When computers and tech-equipment overheat, bad things happen. Businesses lose money and time waiting for repairs. The choice is a simple one: either suffer the consequences, or – invest in an effective cooling scheme.

In the first place, invest in an automatic restart scheme. Black-outs usually don’t happen when someone is in the office. While computer equipment and routers may reboot automatically as soon as electricity is restored, most electronically-controlled portable air conditioners do not restart unless someone presses the power button.

Start With a Simple Fan

server room thermometerAdditionally, it’s a good idea to add a fan. An oscillating fan will help circulate the air in your server room. It’s a good idea to place the fan near your tech equipment where the heat is released in order to direct the warm air away from the intake of the equipment. If you have cooler air outside the room, place a fan close to the door in order to push the cool air in towards the servers.

If your budget allows, the best practice is to seal the room completely. That means no windows, no missing tiles and cracks where the cool air can escape.

Keeping the plethora of wires and cables behind your servers is a pretty big task, but it will help keep things clean and improve airflow. Additionally, it will be easier for you to clean the room, especially since dust, carpet fibers and other gunk can clog up fans and your servers.

Change The Lights!

Another great tip you’ll love is to use low-heat lighting. Every room needs proper lighting. Server rooms with poor lighting create more opportunity for human error. But with well-lit server rooms, your employees can complete each task with ease. However, always use LED lighting in order to keep your room cool.

Finally, always monitor your data center. Server room cooling relies on a plethora of different variables: air flow, humidity and equipment distribution. That’s why you’ll need to monitor the effectiveness of your server room’s cooling system. Make sure the system is working properly.

Parting Thoughts

Although it’s essential to keep your data center cool all the time, beware of taking cooling too far. If the cooling system hinders server access or connections, they can become counterproductive. Find out what your servers can handle and what solutions you can afford. Then go from there. Always remember, it’s your business that’s on the line. Make sure you invest in equipment that will provide the reliable and efficient cooling you need.